Load the boat (Plus) (from  Taminations )

Load the boat (Plus) (from Taminations)

Square dance RESOURCES

Square dance terminology

Etiquette & courtesy

For our beginning square dancers

Taminations (animated square dance calls)

Karen’s tips for becoming a better dancer

CCS club apparel

ASDSC Bylaws re: club apparel

“How May I Help?” (helping while dancing)

Knowing your opposite (for Advanced dancers)

CCS dancing flourishes

Vic Cedar’s website (tons of resources)

Allan Hurst’s square dance articles

Bay Area LGBTQ* Square Dance Calendar

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For our beginning dancers

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Mainstream Definitions

Plus Class

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Plus Definitions

Karen’s Tips for becoming a better dancer

A1 & A2 Classes

About Advanced Dancing (Callerlab notes)


Advanced Teaching Checklist (Callerlab)

Advanced Definitions (Callerlab booklet)

Knowing your opposite

Karen’s tips for becoming a better dancer

Taminations (Animated Calls)

Northern California gay square dance clubs

Diablo Dancers, Walnut Creek

El Camino Reelers, Palo Alto 

Foggy City Dancers, San Francisco

Midnight Squares, San Francisco

Oaktown 8’s, Oakland

Prime 8’s, Sacramento

Redwood Rainbows, Sebastopol

Western Star Dancers, San Francisco


IAGSDC (International Association of Gay Square Dance Clubs). The IAGSDC produces the annual gay square dance convention. It also has an informative website with information about all the gay square dance clubs, and an events calendar of fly-ins, conventions, and other gatherings. Capital City Squares is a founding member of the IAGSDC. 

ASDSC (Associated Square Dancers of Superior California. This is our local association of square dance clubs. Capital City Squares is a full club member, and sends a representative to their Board meetings. Part of the CCS annual membership fee goes to the ASDSC, which provides our insurance. The ASDSC presents the annual Harvest Hoedown weekend in October, and occasional dances on the 5th Saturday of the month (when they occur). Information on each member club is on the website.

PACE (Pacific Association of Challenge Enthusiasts). As the name suggests, this is a Challenge Level club, but they also have A2 dancing as well. There is a Northern California chapter that presents one weekend a month with special callers at locations around the Bay Area. A typical schedule will have A2 on Friday night, C1 or C2 (alternating months) all day Saturday, and C3A or C3B on Sunday.

AACE (Academy for Advanced and Challenge Enthusiasts. AACE is an annual national convention for Advanced and Challenge levels. Caller Vic Ceder organizes it. This convention is in June and for the last several years has been held in Indiana. 

Callerlab. This is the official organization for callers. They have an annual convention in March. They are responsible for forming the definitions of the calls, and the dance programs for all levels through C3A. 

GCA (Gay Callers Association). This group of callers deals with issues specific to the callers for gay clubs. In association with AJH, they present the Gay Callers School for several days every year just before convention. They have an interesting newsletter named The Call Sheet that anyone can subscribe to for a nominal annual subscription fee. Plus, they welcome articles for the newsletter from anyone. 

All Join Hands (AJH). AJH is the national non-profit organization that can receive and distribute tax- deductible donations to support gay square dancing and clubs. Many clubs do an annual fundraiser of some sort so that they can donate funds. AJH sponsors the Trail-In dance at convention, supports the school for gay callers, provides convention registration assistance for low-income dancers, and more. If you shop at Amazon, AJH can be selected as your charity to support while shopping. It costs you nothing, but 5% of your purchase goes to AJH. 

Cook’s Barn. Cook’s Barn is a privately owned square dance venue in Orangevale, built in the shape of a barn, with a wonderful wooden dance floor upstairs, and a small apartment for visiting callers downstairs. Arlene and Dick Cook bring in special callers for occasional Challenge level weekends, plus this is the venue for the only weekly C2 and C3A club in the region. The Barn generally offers an A2 level session on their dancing weekends. 9054 Eden Oaks Ave, Orangevale, CA 916-988-8905.